Scholarship Exam

Hindavi not only imparted book knowledge to the students but also introduced government-approved Scholarship Exam to broaden their horizons. In it the first year our students had to be satisfied only on passing. But the next year, in 2014, std 4th Shreya Shinde received a scholarship. And 2013 std 4th Rishikesh Jadhav and in 2018 Tanishka Mahamuni has got a Scholarship. So 2019-20 has been a very remarkable performance. Avdhut Sawant from std V won the scholarship and was honored to come first in English medium. Shriya Kajarekar from std V and Anish Rajopadhye from std VII got the scholarship.

Mathematics & Science

Students should not only sit for government-approved exams but also take maths. For this, students sat for exams like BTS (Bhaskarachary Talent Search) and also succeeded in it. Similarly, for the first time in 2016-17, students like Dr. Homi Bhabha were given an exam by Hindavi. The students succeeded in that too. This test made the students fond of Science. Also began to think scientifically. Raised the level of knowledge of the students.

Culture & History

Your student must be aware of culture while studying. You also need to know your history. Without informing the creators and guardians of our Hindavi Swarajya, examinations like Shri Chhatrapati Shivcharitra were started to acquaint the students with their work. Every year, our Hindus take part in these exams.
We are keen on the examinations conducted by Shri Samarth Vidyapeeth so that our students can develop a love of spirituality along with education. This test is based on Dasbodh.

Physical Challenges

Hindavi Public School has always focused on the holistic development of the students and not just the school. Students should be physically developed. Always tried for this. For this, various activities were started in the school. Training like Taekwondo, Mallakhamba, Bharat Natyam, Boxing was started. In this too, our Hindavis have not fallen short anywhere. In Taekwondo, our students have gone to the national and international levels. So in boxing swimming has gone to the national level. Our students in archery have gone to the state level while yours in rifle shooting. The student has gone to the National level.

Artistic Challenages

In the same way, the artistic qualities in Hindavianson have also been guided from time to time. Then they take part in various competitions like drama, tabla, guitar, song, Bharat Natyam. Shreya Ghosh, a student from her school, participated in various dance competitions. The discussion of her dance is not limited to the competition. She has also set a world record.

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