6th Std. to 8th Std.

Schools play an essential role in shaping the future of the students. Schools offer the students a high-quality education and also a flexible curriculum. Thus, it helps in improving the students’ cognitive ability. Many schools have gone beyond the traditional method of learning and brought up new concepts.

Our Hindavi Public School also has a Motto – ‘We Re-define Education with Culture.’ Our school is one of the best state board English Medium Schools in Satara. The establishment year of our school is 16th June 2003.

The National Education Policy (NEP 2020) was approved by the Union Cabinet of India on 29th July 2020. According to this new National Education Policy that is the (5+3+3+4) structure of school. This changed structure of education is best and appreciable.

Each stage plays an essential role in their life. After Preparatory students enter the middle stage which is Middle School. Middle School starts from Std 6th to 8th. The age group of these students is 11 to 14. In this stage students become adolescents.

As children enter adolescence, they stay grounded by focusing on core values. Core values in understanding knowledge, information, memory, learning capacity, and problem-solving capacity. Also, they are having mental capacities like spatial ability, rational thinking, memory, and mathematical calculations.  Social and emotional development is also important during adolescence.

They are forging an identity and beginning to wonder about their place in the world. Educators at the Middle School located in Hindavi Public School. Near about 133 students are learning in the Middle section in Hindavi.

Some Core Values of School are –

  • Our motto is “We Re-define Education with Culture.”
  • Best Academic Performance.
  • Respect for Peers, Adults, and the School facilities and Environment.
  • Hindavi’s every aspect is a Family Member.
  • Hindavi respects parents’ and well-wishers views, opinions and strong support. It means Hindavi trust within the school community.

These values color every aspect of students’ day-to-day experience. Not only do students continue to set the highest standards for themselves they also develop a greater sense of social responsibility.

Early adolescence is an exciting period for children to discover what they can achieve. Hindavi provides numerous opportunities for students to excel as scholars’ athletes and artists.

There are some Co-curricular activities in Hindavi –

Every activity in school life plays a significant role and the development of students. Co-curricular activities are an essential part of school life and help in enhancing the learning process of students in school. All we know as extracurricular activities are the components of a non-academic curriculum which has to develop various passages of personality development of the students. These are a very important part of education institutions.  To develop students’ personalities as well as strengthen classroom learning.

Some of the Indoor Co-curricular Activities are –

  • Music, Story and Essay writing competitions                            
  • Arts, Drama and Roleplay
  • Abacus, Debate and Discussion, Chess, etc. It also includes all of the cultural programs.

Some outdoor Co-curricular Activities are –

  • Yoga, Athletics, Mass parade.
  • Boxing, Taekwondo, Mallakhamb, Rope Mallakhamb and all other Sports Activity
  • Bharatnatyam, Western dance

Benefits of Co-curricular Activities –

  1. Personality Development –

              They sharpen their communication skills, expression skills and Public speech.

  1. Physical and Mental Health –

              These activities are beneficial for students’ Physical fitness, as well as Mental health, and they, are a relief for academic stress.

  1. Team and leadership skills –

Co-curricular activities at school are designed in groups. So that students can participate along with their classmates. This helps students develop leadership skills, team integrity, and coordination skills. Above all activities are an important part of a student’s academics. They are vital because even though they are not part of the Co-curriculum they play a very crucial role in giving young boys and girls the ability to mold their life to become all-rounder people.

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