Hindavi Public School is about to complete two decades of providing education, my heart is filled with ecstatic emotions whilst addressing to you all. It gives me immense joy to fulfill my objectives and still being aware of my upcoming endeavors. Even if we have a very small presence in society geographically, our aspirations reflect a newer and better version of India.

Being a Member of Management Council, Shivaji University, Kolhapur, & Council Member, Deccan Education Society, I closely study and observe the vast and dynamic canvas of education and experience evolutions that tend to change the face of traditional education.

During these changing times, the journey of education is always embraced by competition. Being unaware of information and technology can only create hindrances for a student to reach his full potential. This is the founding emotion of Hindavi Public School.

Now India has adapted its National Education Policy and it is envisaged that NEP shall result in transforming changes in the total educational system. Total education will be based on skills and knowledge will be implanted with practical experiences.

I, viewing the arena of education from Pre-Primary to Higher Education, am always looking forward to enhancing the level of educating and mentoring Hindavians to its extended form.

After the rise in globalization and information technology, the world seems like one small family now. Likewise, the knowledge boom is on the rise. In this process of change, the English language has acquired the status of the widely accepted global language. Not undermining the importance of mother tongue, it has become the need of the hour, to master the English Language. Hence, it’s our utmost priority to make students prone to master English while learning new dynamics of Science and Technology.

Indian Educational Institutes started changing their tracks partnering with updated technologies and advanced resources. And now, we are set to explore the all-new Era of Education 4.0. And not to forget, Industry 4.0 (Industrial Revolution 4.0) is the igniter, leading us to Education 4.0.

Hindavi Public School is providing Digital Education to students from Nursery to 10th standard. While watching Jack and Jill climbing the mountain, our students are empowered to visualize the digestive system processes in a much-detailed manner through animations on the digital screens. The computer which will become an integral part of our child’s future career will become an easy tool to operate by this early exposure.

Every generation has experienced struggle in their way according to their time frame. The current generation needs to battle on two fronts which are Educational Struggle and Global Competition. And this struggle is going to be hard. Hence, when we teach students How to Win the Game, we also, make them strong enough to accept the defeat with equal sportsmanship. And hence, we at Hindavi Public School, value Sports with the same importance as that of academics. We encourage every student to participate actively in different sports and sports events.

All festivals, regardless of Religions and Castes, are celebrated at Hindavi Public School. We want our students to inculcate all those pure and universal teachings from different cultures that stay together in our country. We deeply believe in the concept of वसुधैवकुटुम्बकम (The World is One Family).

Hindavi Public School has the privilege to mold students from the age group of 3 years to 15 years. Even we understand the limitations of the time frame. But, believing in what Sant Tukaram has said शुद्ध बीजापोटी । फळे रसाळ गोमटी ।। (As you sow, so you reap), we try hard to do our pure job.

Hindavi Public School deeply believes in our motto which is स्वयमेवमृगेन्द्रता.. We Need to Construct Our Sculpture; Just like the Lion does for himself.

Hindavi Public School is built on my father’s hard work, guidance, knowledge, and my mother’s motivation for innovation and perseverance. Some favors are never to be returned. Not to miss, Shri. Udayanraje Bhosale, Smt. Kalpanaraje Bhosale and Mr. Sudhir Dhumal have always lent their helping hand to us. The parents of every student have continuously supported us in successfully driving through this journey.

I do believe in the concept of चरैवेति, चरैवेति! which means no matter what happens we need to move forward. There should be something new with a new sunrise. We live in a world, where technology evolves every day. Each morning comes with a new update, an innovation that makes our life easy to live. With the dawn of the new millennium, technology started to strengthen the Education Sector.

We have seen businesses growing from purely manual work to fully automated processes. Now, Industry Experts are aligning the upgraded technology with traditional education systems. And, it is hard to believe, but the output is simply amazing. Education is no longer limited to only students, teachers, and the traditional blackboard, but it emphasizes students to form their approach making them equipped with a variety of information sources.

I am very fortunate to have a gem of people working for day and night, along with me. Teachers and staff have been me with since the inception of the organization, their hardship and assistance has helped me enormously to grow this sapling.

To fulfill our dream to make India a New Superpower, there is a need to sculpt Knowledgeably, Physically and Mentally Competent generation, while nurturing our culture and values.


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