Opening Show

Celebrating the school’s Annual Day provides the school with an opportunity to showcase its achievements. This Gathering also allows students to showcase their various talents and interacts with their teachers in a more informal environment.
Hindavi Public School organizes Annual Gathering in a well-organized way in an auditorium and every year renowned personalities from the society are invited and chief guests of the program.


On this day school annual report is presented and the overall performance of the school is read in front of parents.
Student’s early performances are awarded on this event like the first ranker in the class, 1st ranker in Mathematics and English subject and 100% attendance of the year and other Academic, sports and cultural achievements. Students are awarded trophies and certificates on this day. Also, last year’s ranker of the SSC board exam is given the opportunity on this day to share the stage and share his or her experience with the audience.

The Event

Head boy and head girl of school look after the discipline in the auditorium and other arrangements. Back-stage students are handled by teachers in a well-planned way.
Hindavi public school is celebrating this event since 2003 the year of establishment of the school. Every year theme based Annual Gathering is organized like, women empowerment, save girl child, Maharashtrachi lokdhara, Indian festival and state-wise our schools intended to give the idea to our students about various social aspects and problems in our society.

Full Participation

100% of students are participating in Annual Gatherings in many ways like they can participate in dance performance singing music, anchoring, mimicry, drama and many more.
Parents are very much happy and satisfied with the innovative ways the Hindavi public school celebrates the Grand annual Gathering every year. School organized photographer and video shooting and CD and photographs are provided to parents also huge LED is arranged on the stage to create the thematic background.

Vande Mataram

This event is completely anchored by students for making them bold and improve their stage daring. Every teacher is given her own responsibility and class to handle on that day.
Right from Invitation cards till Rangoli drawing is done by the teacher.
The annual Gathering ends with Vande Mataram and the announcement of Refreshment and Trip.

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