Hindavi Public School is one of the most successful school in the Satara district. There are many facilities available in the school for the all-around development of a child. School provides all these facilities so that a child should learn in a free and happy atmosphere without any obstacle in his growth and learning process.


Hindavi Public school has two big buildings with fully equipped material.
There are two gates in the entrance and a separate small cabin for the watchman.
A big and well-equipped office attracts visitors. The receptionist welcomes and gives information to the visitors and parents while their kids enjoy playing on the ground.

School Library

The spacious school library of Hindavi Public school is stocked with periodicals magazines and newspapers. Students are encouraged to make full use of these facilities to inculcate a love for books and the habit of reading from an early age. There are storybooks, informative books, encyclopedias, books on national leaders, etc. The library is managed by a highly qualified librarian and has thousands of age-appropriate books.

School Playground

The school has a spacious playground which strengths child’s all-round development and increases self steam improve collaboration skill enhances critical thinking scale and strengths immune system. Along with the playground, there are lots of Sports Equipment to develop the physical health of a child.

Science & Computer Laboratory

The well-equipped science laboratory provided in Hindavi Public School. Hindavians acquire the first-hand experience in observation and manipulation of the materials.
It arouses pupils’ interest and gives them the first learning experience.

The computer lab has an adequate number of latest Pcs which have all the required software installed. All Ps have a high-speed internet connection. Here Hindi ones feel comfortable and become TechnoServe in early childhood.

Music Room & Art Gallery

The music room of the school provides a variety of instruments to learn and get pleasure through it.

A specialized creative Art room of the school encourages students to explore their creative talents and display their creative expressions.

  • Staff: Highly qualified, well experienced and techno-savvy teachers to uplift the Students in Hindavi Public School
  • Classrooms: There are well-ventilated classrooms that provide proper sunlight and a fresh atmosphere to the students. In each classroom, there is a projector for interactive and impressive learning.
  • Multipurpose hall: To display students’ talent and hidden qualities multi-purpose hall is used. Most of the programs and activities are conducted here with great enthusiasm.
  • Newsstand: Daily reading of newspapers enhances the vocabulary of students. It provides a great sense of educational values. It gives a clear idea and understanding of what is happening in our country and the whole world.
  • Washrooms: Clean and hygiene washrooms provide good health and prevent the spread of diseases. Cleaning angels clean the school thrice a day to maintain the good health of students.
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