Educational Support

We as Hindvians try to develop our study materials for our students from the beginning because we realize that activity-based learning is more effective than our traditional methods. Various activities like drawing, flow charts, making mind maps, tree diagrams, flashcards, color stones, sticks, boards, charts. No.of things created by teachers as well as students. Instead of teaching lessons, we believe in concept clearance and we focus on that.
a) Languages: English is the first language of our syllabus this is a central subject. All other subjects become easier with better knowledge of English. Many skills get developed with the help of language study for example understanding, reading, writing, thinking, speaking, presenting, communicating and also grammar part. Above mentioned skills are very important for a student. We are working hard for the last 16 years to inculcate all the skills among our students we are satisfied that our students also trying their best to achieve these things.
b) Mathematics, Science, History: Practice makes our students overcome the fear of the subject. Small small activities, field visits, science exhibitions, book fairs, puzzles, quiz help them to get friendly with these subjects. We are trying our best to explain concepts from these subjects.

Confidence Building

We know that self-confidence is largely based on our past experiences and is gradually reinforced by the success of all natures. Social, emotional, intellectual and more a confident learner is a happy and productive one. Every teacher wants a class full of them. So we focus on confidence-building in our students. We arranged regular assembly for more than half an hour. Within this time students from different classes tell day, date, good thought, they can present drama, monologue, speech, the importance of the day and many more every student should take part in this activity. Class wise leaders, monitors, head boy, head girl selection motivate them in all aspects. Debate activity provides very strong support to build confidence to survive in society.

Support in Sports

Sports develop a sense of friendliness among children and develop their team spirit. Sports shape their body and make them strong and active in school. Hindavi thinks that education is incomplete without sports. We as a school provide boxing, rope climbing, Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, Taekwondo, etc facilities to our students. Teachers are always ready to support students. Teachers are always ready to support those students who engage in the preparation of their tournaments or matches. We keep extra classes for students. We arrange different time table for them, we also make changes in the schedule of their exams. Our students always prove that they are the best. So we give them the honor of hoisting the flag at the time of independence day or Republic Day. This is one of the great honors for students as well as parents which in turn motivate them.

Career Exploration

To develop student’s future careers school arranges various sessions for Hindavians. Guest lectures are arranged by the school, in which students are guided by their experiences. School always encourages students to participate in various competitive exams which help the students to give high-level CET exams in the future.

Psychological Support

Every student has different mental abilities. Every child has different abilities and learns with a different psychology. We use Different techniques, teaching methods, the instructional process is an individual difference in learning. Our school always try to give mental support to our student this support improves their relations with each other. Psychological development improves them as well as improve surrounding of a school. We can solve their problems with more ease according to age group, psychological problems are different but we are always trying to solve them at every stage.

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