Victory & Defeat

Kobe Bryant once said, “Sports are such a great teacher. I think of everything they’ve taught me: camaraderie, humility, how to resolve differences.” Gone are the days when schools had two slots for PT (Physical Education Training). We encourage our students to ace sports. To be the winners. But, at the same time, we train them to deal with the defeat with utmost sportsmanship. After all, victory and defeat are two sides of a single coin.
We at HPS, have a variety of sports including Basketball, Badminton, Boxing, Taekwondo, Karate, Archery, Shooting, etc. At the same time, the school actively promotes Indian Games like Kho-Kho, Kabaddi.

Karate & Taekwondo

Karate is a highly effective Japanese Martial Art that helps greatly to an aspiring student. Karate will help to improve your confidence and respect. Practicing karate also helps to improve discipline and mental toughness. Over the last few years, Hindavians have aced many tournaments and competitions. We have till now won One State Level Gold Medal, Three District Level Gold Medals, and the tally is still increasing day by day. Taekwondo is a flourishing Korean Martial Art. It is highly demanded by students and parents in the school. Having the same advantages as Karate, taekwondo helps students to build their personalities. Our students have won many titles at the district as well as State Level.


Boxing is a globally accepted Combat Sport. There is nothing like boxing if we want our students to be equally aggressive and focused at the same time. Boxing is a game of aggression, positivity, and concentration. And the main thing is, Boxing is all about winning. And as said earlier, we want to be recognized as the school of winning students.
While the sport is rare in several schools, HPS gives high importance to boxing training. And we are proud to inform you that within a very short period, our students have managed to win several Gold Medals at the district level. And we aim high, for state-level achievements in the coming years.

Archery & Rifle Shooting

Many parents feel that their children lack concentration while studying or learning. What is better than Archery & Shooting, when it comes to concentration. The race, for which we are training our students, is pretty tough. Winning is possible but very difficult. And one should be highly patient in the long race to win definitively. Archery & Rifle shooting teaches you to be patient even in tougher times. While these sports are new, when we talk about rural areas, we have seen some gems of players at HPS.
Our students have managed to win State Gold Medals, Silver Medals, and District Gold Medals also. In the Rifle shooting, students procured District Silvers and looking to gain some at state levels.

Sports Day

We as a school try to provide the best environment to inculcate sports within students. We try hard to provide the best sports equipment, play areas, physical training, and necessary infrastructure. To promote sports activities, we dedicate a week in December, when we celebrate our yearly Sports Day.
Each student right from Nursery/ KG to 10th Standard participates in at least one sports event. There are fun events for KG students. Everyone loves the joy of sportsmanship while learning new things.

Sports: A New Professional Career

People are too busy limiting career options for students. While focusing only on academics, we shut the doors to the wonderful opportunities of careers in sports. Nowadays, the sports industry has emerged as a fantastic platform, which can be seriously considered as a professional career option.

We, at HPS, encourage students to pursue their aspirations in their desired field of interest. Sports can be a great choice. As we all know, there have been increased efforts to spread awareness about sports and related industries, the sports market is expanding day by day. Not only sportsmen, but also Sports Marketing, Coaching, Administration, Medicine, and Physiology & Psychology are blossoming sectors, where our students can test their waters. It’s our utmost priority to create a sports-friendly environment along with availing required amenities and utilities to students.

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