Best School in Satara - Hindavi Public School, Satara


Thank you for taking the first step toward an extraordinary educational experience at The Hindavi Public School by visiting our website. We invite you to explore further. 

Here at The Hindavi Public School, our objective is to transform children into leaders of character who go out into the world and become the changemakers and peacemakers. Hindavi Public School succeeds in this endeavor by enveloping our students in a culture of excellence and by providing personal guidance to develop the talents of each child.

When We ask our parents why they bring their children here, they typically mention these things:

Rigorous Academics

This is always the first thing parents say. They’ve heard from parents of Hindavi Public School’s alumni about how exceptionally prepared their children were for college. Our students think better, write better, lead better, and solve problems better. Hindavi Public School has modified our curriculum to meet the problem-solving challenges our students will encounter during their time horizon: the balance of this century. Hindavi Public School intentionally teaches multiple idea creation strategies and a robust design process while honing their collaboration skills and demanding originality. 


Hindavi Public School allows each student to be extraordinary. Our small size, coupled with caring teachers and coaches, allows us to know, understand, proactively guide, and love every student. Our centers of excellence – like the Science Research Institute, our no-cut athletic department, and our capstone experiences – are some of the ways we allow students to develop their passions. 


Our School is a nurturing place. We care about each other. We accept others for whom they are. Students don’t compete against each other; they compete against themselves to be better – to aim high. Character-building happens every day. We believe boys and girls learn best when they learn together. Our School has many diversity and inclusion standards in our curriculum, so students leave here believing the best decisions are made when many different voices are heard.

If these factors resonate with you, then we recommend you learn more about us.

At the bottom of every page, we invite you to take the next step by coming to visit us with your child. See for yourself how warm Hindavi Public School’s community is and let us tell you how we can give your children an extraordinary educational experience. If Hindavi Public School feels like home, this is where your family belongs.

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